Measure of a Man

Lieutenant Junior Grade John P. Connors, USN

Measure of a Man

“We are what we are because of people like John Connors.”
– Malcolm McConnell

On, December 19, 1989, in Panama City, Mike Phillips noticed the size of the pack that John Connors was carrying. He asked, “How much does all that stuff weigh?” With a shrug, Connors’ replied, “About a hundred pounds, I guess.” Phillips replied, “You plan to run with that load?” Connors responded, “Try and catch me.” For that moment Connors was noted as a Measure of a Man. John’s Story …

In honor of LTJG John P. Connors

The Memorial Fund will enable us to design, install and dedicate a statue of John P. Connors in Massachusetts. Any additional funds from this effort will be donated to supplement the John P. Connors Scholarship at Boston College High School that has been in existence for over 31 years.

“His heroic leadership saved lives and helped minimize further casualties.”